HCMUD 504 - Message from the Board

August 11, 2023 5:07 pm

Harris County MUD 504 (The Groves)

The Board of Directors met last week and one of the main topics of discussion was around some of our residents’ concerns regarding the smell and appearance of water at their residences. The Board is aware that this is a major concern and the Board has been having lengthy discussions with the operator of our joint water system with HC MUD No. 412 (“HC 412”) for the past two months (not just in the past week).

While the water is frequently tested and IS SAFE for consumption based on EPA standards, the Board understands that does not necessarily remove everyone’s concerns. Here are a few items of note:

  1. The issues with the appearance and smell of the water is NOT solely an HC 504 and HC 412 issue. Many public water systems in the region are experiencing similar issues.

  2. Unfortunately, we are in the prime algae bloom season that affects Lake Houston each year. This is where the City of Houston draws its the surface water from and is subsequently received by HC 412 and HC 504. Many local area municipal utility districts receive surface water from the City of Houston, not just HC 412 and HC 504.

  3. Flushing helps to move sitting water through the system and can lessen the impact of the algae bloom; however, the algae bloom will continue to be an ongoing problem until the bloom dissipates (usually around October). The District will continue to flush when and where appropriate to mitigate the issues.

What's next?? The Board has discussed three additional options to help combat the water odor and appearance issues. These options are being investigated and, if appropriate, implemented by the operator and engineer (along with HC 412). The Board will post an update to the website once the Board has more information.

In the meantime, residents can obtain additional information regarding the algae bloom and its effect on the water supply by taking a look at this article from the Houston Public Works:

Drinking Water Taste and Smell | City of Houston - Houston Public Works

Lastly, for those that are experiencing issues with only certain faucets, the Board suggests running your faucets for at least a few minutes occasionally to keep the water moving and prevent sitting water. There could be other issues within the residence’s plumbing system, however we suggest starting here (as well as the other suggestions provided by Houston Public Works).

While this may not completely address everyone’s concerns, please know that the Board has heard your voices and will continue to be dedicated to ensuring the water is safe and of the high quality our residents expect.

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