Upcoming Tree Removals in The Groves

November 1, 2023 10:39 am

HC MUD No. 504’s Board of Directors understands that The Groves is a community that is known for its natural look and beautiful tree-lined streets and reserves. Unfortunately, as a result of the various severe weather events over the past several years, The Groves has lost a number of trees throughout the neighborhood. At the request of the HC MUD No. 504 Board of Directors, the District engineer, BGE, Inc., is conducting a tree survey to identify dead trees that need be removed for the safety of the community with a focus on preserving as many trees as possible. In the coming months, HC MUD No. 504 will partner with the HOA to quickly and safely remove the dead trees. Once the full scope of the project is identified and the necessary trees have been removed, the Board and the HOA will work together to formulate a plan to address any areas that may need replanting or restoration. The Board appreciates the community’s patience and understanding as this necessary task is completed.

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