New Text Alert System

November 13, 2023 3:54 pm

Harris County MUD 504 (The Groves)

The Directors of HC504 have heard the concerns of the residents and have implemented a new text alert system to better communicate important news. The Board realizes that being able to connect with residents directly and quickly through text and email is key in emergency situations. The new notification system will give the District a direct line of communication to residents when time is of the essence.

Additionally, the new text alert system allows for sharing on social media by also having all District alert notices link to news posts on the District website. The new text alert system can display photos and diagrams to help communicate visually and can show ongoing updated information as it happens.

Lastly, the new system also allows for “Targeted Texting”. This means the District can target only affected areas when necessary, instead of everyone in the District affected. From a single home, to a street, to the entire neighborhood, the Board can alert as many or as few District residents as needed during an emergency. The Board that we suggest that we have at least 2 household members receive sign up for notifications.

Residents may register phone numbers and email addresses for free here:

District Alert System / Harris County MUD 504 (

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