HCMUD 504 - Meeting Location Resident Survey

April 6, 2024 1:25 pm

The Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 504 (HCMUD 504) Board of Directors, in the interest of understanding resident desire to attend the District meetings and accommodate attendees under the Open Meetings Act, has drafted a resident poll with the assistance of their consultants and feedback from community members.

The poll will be open for three weeks to all members of the community to provide their feedback on the included questions, and the data collected will be presented to the Board of Directors ahead of their May 2, 2024 regular meeting in The Groves. Ahead of the poll, please feel free to review the article outlining “What is a MUD?” on the District website, if you have not done so already. You can find the article here.

Please note: the survey does require a Google account, for data validation purposes. The survey will not record or otherwise provide your Google account email to the HCMUD 504 Board or its consultants; this is for data validation purposes only, and the ability to have your results emailed to you at the end of the survey, if you so choose.

Lastly, the HCMUD 504 Board of Directors would like to let all residents know about the District Town Hall being scheduled for May 23, 2024! This event will be open to all residents of The Groves, and will discuss how MUDs operate, as well as the goals of HCMUD 504. The location is still being finalized, and more information will be provided on the District website and via the alert system.

Not yet signed up for alerts? Make sure to do so on the District Alerts Page!

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